Mr. Tentacles

Mr. Tentacles Roblox Hat Codes

Code: 11188696

If you are searching for the Mr. Tentacles Roblox hats code, then this article is for you. Obtain the IDs for Mr. Tentacles Roblox hats code from here and use it in your Roblox games for extra benefits and to get an upper hand on your opponent. By using the Mr. Tentacles Roblox hat, you are going to get more special powers. Find more hat codes for your Roblox games on our Roblox id website only.

Hat in Roblox is an accessory that the players can wear on their head. There are various types of hats available for the players on Roblox. This hat will be linked with a special feature that will be unlocked when you redeem it. You can purchase the Mr. Tentacles Roblox hat by spending Robux. However, we have an easy way for you here. Simply copy the Roblox hat code for Mr. Tentacles hat from here and redeem the item.

Mr. Tentacles Roblox Hats Code

We have pasted the Roblox hats code for Mr. Tentacles in the table below. Just copy the code from here and paste it on Roblox to get this hat.

Roblox HatsĀ  Hats ID
Mr. Tentacles Code: 11188696

How To Redeem Mr. Tentacles Roblox Hats Code

To apply the Mr. Tentacles Roblox hats code on your Roblox game, follow the easy steps given here.

  • Go to Roblox and sign in to your game account.
  • Now, navigate to the promo code redemption page.
  • In this promo code box, enter the Mr. Tentacles Roblox hats code.
  • Copy the code from this post and enter the code into the given box.
  • Then, click on the “Redeem” button to redeem the hat.
  • The Mr. Tentacles hat will be added to the game inventory.

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