What Happens When Roblox Is Down & Why Is Roblox Down

Why is Roblox Down today again? We all know that the two-days outage of Roblox servers in the past few days has created great trouble for Roblox players and the company. Not only did the number of active players reduced after this outage, but the Roblox Corporation has also faced loss in the stock market. Many hardcore Roblox fans are both confused and annoyed with this regular problem and want to know why is Roblox down every now and then.

why is roblox down

At the time of the last Roblox server outage, more than three million players had been live on the platform before the Roblox gaming platform showed server issues. The developers and technical team had a hard time dealing with this issue. During the outage, the number of players decreased to 300,000. Similar issues are arising for many players on Roblox. What actually is happening to Roblox and why is Roblox down these days?

Why Is Roblox Down

Roblox is an online gaming system and game creation system that allows user-created games on its platform. This game is played around the world and has a total of 164 million active monthly users. It has a great number of users and runs millions of games on its platform. The Roblox servers are not any less than that of Fortnite. Millions of users gather on this platform to play single-player and multiplayer games of their choice.

Being such a big platform, it is understandable that the servers may face outages sometimes. Due to server issues, the players may encounter issues in their game. When the Roblox servers are not working properly or the servers are down, then you may see error messages, the purchases may get delayed, or the game will just stop running. This is why many players are annoyed when Roblox goes down and want to know why is Roblox down.

 how long will roblox be down for

Well, it can be said that server outages are common in many games, even in games like Minecraft and Fortnite. So, Roblox facing issues on their game server is also a problem thousands of users are facing. The developers are yet to point out the exact cause, however, they have announced it to be a “Service Disruption”. This can be the reason why is Roblox down.

What Happens When Roblox Is Down

We have seen some of the reasons why is Roblox down. If your Roblox game suddenly stops running or your game is stuck, then you can’t always say that Roblox is down. Sometimes, such issues occur due to server outages, but, other problems like network issues, problems with your device, etc can also be the reason.

Some of the Robloxians have reported that they got an error message “Unable to verify that you have access to this experience. Please try again later” when Roblox was down. Apart from that, here are some of the other things that can happen when Roblox is down.

  • Delay in product purchases: When the Roblox server is down, the product purchase receipts may take time to be approved. If you were making a purchase of avatar, clothing, or any accessory, and then the game is not working, then you don’t have to worry about your payment. Within 24 hours, the products purchased will be applied to your account.
  • Lagging Game: Due to server outages, the game may not run properly. You may experience delays or lags in-game whether you are playing on its official website or application.
  • Delay in joining or leaving the game: If you are trying to join or enter a game but the game just won’t launch, then it is probably a “server” issue. In such cases, all you can do is relaunch the game.

How To Check Is Roblox Down

If you want to check is Roblox really down, why is Roblox down, and when is it going to be fixed, then there are two possible ways that will work. You can either go to the official Twitter handle of Roblox Status or check out on the internet. There are a number of websites like DownDetector, Istheservicedown, and many other sites that give you the current server status of Roblox.

Check Roblox Server Status On Twitter

is roblox down

If your Roblox account is not working properly, then checking the official social media handle of Roblox Corporation is one of the best methods. If there are any server outages or maintenance issues, then Roblox will announce it on their Twitter account for sure. Just as you see below, there will be a notice regarding the server issues. If you can’t see any such update, then you can ask other Roblox users.

Check Roblox Server Status On DownDetector

 is roblox shutting down

There are a number of websites like DownDetector, Istheservicedown, and many other sites that give you the current server status of Roblox. You can just search “Why is Roblox Down” or “Is Roblox Down” on your web browser and check the current status of Roblox. If there are any issues with the server, then you will get the details here.

What To Do When Roblox Is Down

There is nothing you can do when Roblox is down. It is a server-side issue which the Roblox technical team and developer team have to handle. So, you can just wait and let them fix the problem.


That was all about why is Roblox down, what are the reasons, and how to deal with it. Roblox is a large gaming platform with a huge number of players. Therefore, the Roblox being down is a common problem. If you have any doubts related to this post, then drop them in the comments. Stay connected with Roblox Guides for more related posts.

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